By - Anne Mi

Skull Buddies

A few years ago I saw some little papacord buddy keyrings which I absolutely loved but I could not affor to buy any
at £7-£8 each plus p&p and didn’t think much more about it.

Then, a few years later I bought a couple of paracord bracelet
kits with thinner paracord in which sat around at home untouched until I saw the buddy keyrings again and that is when
I started looking for heads and found the skulls.

I did a little happy dance and then set about making my first skull
It was perfect!
Having quite a bit of cord and a lot of skulls left I made up some more buddies and offered them for sale at a price
which I felt was more realistic, that way more people can afford them and enjoy them. That was at the beginning of 2019.
Since then I have sold buddies across the world and also raised nearly £200 for charity (Nationwide Association of
Blood Bikes & The National Autistic Society).
I have added a few different items to my range as well, but the buddies are still my favourites. I love making them.
I love sending them off to their new homes and I love getting pictures of them in their new homes.
I love my buddies

by Elke Hinkley

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